Infant Allergy Conference 2021 Programme

27 October 2021

09:00:00 -

Allergic diseases including asthma, eczema, allergic rhinitis and food allergies commonly occur in paediatric populations globally and often co-exist with one another. These children usually present with eczema and subsequently go on to develop food allergies, allergic rhinitis and asthma subsequently as they get older. This is often described as ‘the atopic march’. It is possible that children who have both asthma and food allergies are at an increased risk of more severe asthmatic episodes but may be more susceptible to food allergens triggering either an asthmatic episode or food-related anaphylaxis.

•       Why human milk is unique.
•       Importance of lactose in infant nutrition.
•       Other unique sugar ingredient of milk.
•       A brief pathophysiology of CMPA with dysbiosis as key driver.
•       Epidemiology and common clinical features.
•       Prevention of Milk allergy- how far have we come
•       Trial data comparing AAF vs symbiotic formula.
•       Take home message

11:00:00 -

The presentation will go through the latest recommendations from the EAACI guideline, focusing particularly on early introduction of egg and peanut in high risk infants as well as looking at future research.

11:45:00 -

Andrea Moreno is the Dietetic Lead for Allergy in the Merseyside area, a role that involves a main caseload within the Tertiary Allergy Service in Alder Hey, whilst closely working with the Community Dieticians providing them with support and supervision. She is very experienced in dealing with infants suffering with CMPA, as her previous role involved a mixture of outpatient clinics (both general paediatrics and allergy/gastroenterology) and on the paediatric ward of a general hospital.

This session will help you understand the practical and emotional impact that allergies have on a family and how to support parents and children from early diagnosis and beyond.
Emma will share her personal story and challenges of raising two children with multiple allergies and share her insights from the hundreds of parents she has supported along the way.
The session will cover:

–        Postnatal support and spotting allergy symptoms in breastfed babies

–        Supporting parents to continue breastfeeding after a diagnosis or access dairy free formula

–        Challenges in primary care and referrals

–        The emotional and practical challenges of living with allergies

–        Helping parents manage allergy anxiety

–        Addressing the trauma of an anaphylactic reaction

–        Creating allergy management plans for childcare settings

–        Second time around – how to help pregnant/new parents who already have an allergic child

15:30:00 -