Programme 2023

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  • Gain Knowledge: The conference will provide valuable insights and information on improving outcomes for children with allergies and their families. As a health professional working in children's health services, attending this event will help you build on your existing knowledge and skills in this area.
  • Address Growing Allergy Rates: With approximately 20% of the UK population affected by allergic disorders and an increasing prevalence of food allergies, early intervention in childhood is crucial. Attending this conference will equip you with the tools and strategies needed for timely and appropriate diagnosis and management of allergies in children.
  • Multidisciplinary Approach: Recognising the expanding role of nurses and the need for a multidisciplinary team approach, this event is relevant to a range of health professionals working in children's health services. By participating, you will learn about the collaborative efforts required to provide effective and evidence-based care for children with allergies.
  • Professional Networking: The conference offers an opportunity to engage with colleagues from various backgrounds and reflect on your practice together. This collaborative environment allows for knowledge-sharing, learning from each other's experiences, and expanding your professional network.
  • Stay Updated: Keep your skills up-to-date with the latest developments in infant allergy care. The event will feature key opinion leaders in the field who will share their expertise, research findings, and best practices, ensuring that you stay informed about the current advancements in this area.
  • Participatory CPD Hours: By attending the conference, you can achieve participatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. This demonstrates your commitment to ongoing professional growth and development, contributing to your career progression and expertise in children's health services.